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COVID-19 Wedding Giveaway Collaboration!

Photo: Anastasiia Photography

If you haven’t heard the great news, it’s time to tune in!! The Venue, The Ridge, and The Planning, in partner with local vendors, are giving away TWO FREE wedding weekends to two lucky couples who have braved the front lines during the COVID pandemic! We figured it was time to spread some positivity and let everyone know that despite everything happening, love is not cancelled!

*Know someone whose wedding was affected by COVID-19? If they were deemed an essential worker and weathered the storm of this pandemic, be a good friend and send them this link for a chance to win!*

We are so grateful for all of the wonderful vendors who have jumped on board to help make this giveaway possible! We would like to shine a spotlight on a few of those magnificent people by showcasing their work, and asking their thoughts on this collaboration.

About Mallory, Owner of Mallory Paige Photography:

Creating a lifestyle for herself with a God given talent in photography, and being surrounded by the people that she holds so dear, is beyond a great accomplishment in her book. Mallory credits God for all of her success.

Mallory’s Contribution and Thoughts on the Free Wedding Giveaway:

Mallory will be donating her photography services for one of the lucky couples! Mallory says, “Being able to give back to the Asheville community with my craft is such an honor and a privilege. I couldn’t be more excited for the chosen couples!”

Photo: Almond Leaf Studios Make Up: Blush

About Wendy, Owner of Blush:

Wendy graduated with a degree in Music from Mars Hill College/University. She started her makeup career in 2003 working in the film/fashion industry in Atlanta, Ga., but quickly realized she wanted to get back to Asheville, NC and start her career in the beauty/bridal industry. Wendy worked for CHANEL and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics while building a clientele & relationships with vendors throughout WNC. Her business was growing incredibly, and makeup artists/hairstylists jumped on board to represent Blush Asheville.

Wendy says she is most proud of the artists on the Blush Asheville team. While their jobs were cancelling or rescheduling (due to COVID-19)…her artists all showed grace, compassion and willingness to help their clients. Of course, everyone is frustrated, but Wendy’s team kept their cool and had a cheerful heart when discussing the future. Wendy says, “I am forever grateful for their (her teams) willingness to make sure our clients are taken care of.” 

Blush’s Contribution and Thoughts on the Free Wedding Giveaway:

Blush will be donating bridal hair and make-up, as well as hair and make-up for 5 additional wedding VIP’s! Wendy says, “We Love To Work & the Blush gals can’t wait to get back to work & be a part of this special day in 2021!”.

Wendy also commented that she would love for not only the winners, but all applicants to know how much Blush appreciates them. She adds, “2020 has been somewhat of a blur & my goal for this process is to show not only our bride that will be in mine & Amy’s chair the day of the wedding…but everyone that we literally were ALL IN THIS TOGETHER & we will make it through.”. Wendy also sends a shout out to us, The Planning team from the VENUE, for not only making this happen, but for allowing Blush Asheville to be a part of this special journey.

Photo: Gabrielle Von Heyking Photographie Floral: Inspired Design

About Dottie, Owner of Inspired Design:

Dottie has a couple of things she is really proud of, yet says she truly cannot take credit for. Dottie explains, “I feel so grateful for a marriage that has lasted thirty-five years. My husband and I have been through so much, from financial stresses, health issues, etc. Yet we have persevered, holding on to one another and our faith has kept us together.”. The other thing Dottie is proud of is her grown children. She says, “They are not perfect by any means but are all working to be productive citizens and caring community members in each of their own ways and various towns.” Dottie is also very proud of her company and the way they work to provide clients with very personalized and caring service in styling and designing beautiful floral pieces for celebrations. Inspired Design truly wants to love people well by giving excellent service, while also making choices that show they care about the environment and sustainability.

Dottie has had her hands in flowers since she was a young child. It was about 25 years ago that she took some flower arranging classes and began learning how to use what was growing in her garden to make garden/botanical styled floral centerpieces. Dottie says, “I am where I am today because of the encouragement and support of people like Marta (RVP owner). I closed my first business and rebranded about five years ago and was feeling very discouraged. Marta let me visit her out at The Ridge and while sitting on her porch, she listened and then gave me some great advice that I took to heart!”

Dottie’s Contribution and Thoughts on the Free Wedding Giveaway:

Inspired Design will be donating beautiful floral arrangements for one of the lucky winning couples! In regards to this contest, Dottie says, “I very much want to give back to others and be a part of something bigger than my own self and my families’ struggles. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown me how important my community is and how much I desire Asheville to thrive and flourish. As I drove around downtown just today I felt grief over the losses. We have to all pull together and get our beautiful city back open and welcoming people to enjoy the treasure of our area. I love my town and am so thankful that I get to live and work here. I believe we will get through this and will all be better and stronger together!”

About Mandy, Co-Owner of 50/Fifty The Art of Desserts:

Mandy attended culinary school back in 1998 and found out that she really enjoyed the baking part of it. Mandy then went on to pursue a career in pastry and worked with well known chefs in the industry. After working in high end hotels and smaller pastry shops, she says “I knew that I wanted to do it on my own one day!”.  Mandy and her husband have lived in WNC for 10 years now and 50/Fifty has been in business since 2014 creating desserts for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Mandy adds, “It’s so rewarding to be associated with the growth our company has experienced over the years in Asheville. Our main specialty is weddings and being a part of so many over the years has been amazing!”.

50/Fifty’s Contribution and Thoughts on the Free Wedding Giveaway:

50/Fifty will be donating some tasty treats for one of the winning couples! Mandy comments, “I am looking forward to working with a couple whose wedding plans have been affected by Covid-19.  Since every single person has been impacted in some way, small or large, giving back in some sort of way, helps us all out.  I love making people happy with desserts and if that’s one small aspect of their big day, it’s all worth it!”.

Donating Vendors:
Wedding Dress: Wedding Inspirations Bridal Boutique /
Wedding Planner: The Planning Asheville /
Catering: The Venue /
Florist: Flora /
Florist: Inspired Design NC /
Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Musicians: Carolina Music Planner /
Reception Music: DJ Lucas London /
Photographer: Mallory Paige Photography /
Photographer: Realities Photography /
Videographer: Beautiful Life Films /
Hair & Makeup: Blush Asheville /
Hair & Makeup: Flawless /
Baker: 50/Fifty The Art of Dessert /
Baker: Cakes By Gray /

Hotel: The Foundry Hotel Asheville (2 night stay for each couple) /
Wedding Party Outing – Axeville Throwing Club /


We cannot thank all of these donating vendors enough for all of their time and dedication to make these wedding dreams come true!!