Meet The Planners

Marta Santamaria

Fearless Owner 

  1. I take 3 showers a day
  2. When I don’t know a word in English I make up my own
  3. I leave every kitchen cabinet open when I cook
  4. When I go to my step class, the step has to line up with the line of wood floor
  5. Before I go to bed, I have to wash my feet.
  6. I craved lemons when I was pregnant 
  7. I sleep with a sea of pillows
  8. I check my car three times to make sure  it is locked 
  9. All my food has to have a crunch factor
  10. My co-workers describe me as: bighearted and unselfish, inspiring, resilient, driven, dynamic.


Lead Planner

  1. Dog mom to my German Shepherd named North. I named her after Alaska- NOT The Kardashians!
  2. I absolutely love to travel any chance I get
  3. Huge fan of camping & exploring National Parks
  4. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year….Pumpkin EVERYTHING Please!
  5. I was a traveling bartender my entire twenties
  6. Love going to Concerts! Red Rocks in Colorado is a must!
  7. Go to Pandora station: The Lumineers.
  8. Prefer music over television but I will absolutely get down on some trash tv: “90 Day Fiance,” “Real Housewives” Don’t judge! LOL
  9. Family is everything!
  10. Love a good Sunday Fun Day!


Assistant Planner

  1. I have lived in Asheville for 18 years 
  2. I LOVE dogs and literally can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have at least one, furry, family member 🙂
  3. I am half English; my mother is a true-blood Brit. Born and raised.
  4. A warm brownie with ice cream is objectively, yes objectively, the best dessert there is, macarons being a close second.
  5. I have a goal to travel to all seven of the major continents (Antarctica would be a bonus!)
  6. I am currently studying Hospitality Management and Business in college.
  7. I could eat dumplings and pot-stickers for every meal.
  8. I am the worst at riding a bike; it’s pretty sad. 
  9. I actually despise soda, can’t stand it
  10. I love making people smile and laugh! 
  11. My co-workers describe me as: bright eyed and bushy tailed

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